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Geneva 2010: Mercedes-Benz E-Class ready for visitors

With the new convertible Mercedes-Benz E-Class adds the family to include a fourth model variant. The open two-door and four-seater with classic fabric roof has its premiere in Geneva. The 4.70-meter long model has an automatic wind deflector, and the more advanced neck Heating Airscarf. Within 20 seconds can be the roof automatically open and close, even while driving up to speeds of 40 km/h. The convertible roof is in a tank behind the rear deck space. A tilting pan and trunk deck blind separating from each other, to close the soft top must be closed. The roof will remain closed, the blind can be slid backwards. Then the capacity of the boot has increased by 90 liters to 390 liters. A load-through is standard. The standard equipment of the new convertibles includes a mechanical entry and exit means for the rear passengers.

That with a drag coefficient of 0.28 very sleek convertible is available with engine outputs of between 125 kW/170 hp (E 220 CDI) and 285 kW/388 hp (E 500). Except for the top version, all models carry the words “Blue Efficiency” for POS consumption optimization measures.

The automatic wind deflector Airscape can be retracted by pressing a button, and then decreases significantly the turbulence in the interior of the E-Class convertible. At the same time it offers significant handling advantages over conventional angle wind deflectors: the laborious mounting is required to remain free two individual seats in the rear and the side line of the convertible will not be disturbed. The system consists of two components: one around – six centimeters, with retractable wind deflector net in the front window frame and a wind deflector between the rear seats.

In addition, the Convertible has the neck Heating Airscarf in the backs of the front seats. It was further developed for the E-Class: the nozzle at the exit can be through the headrest height adjustment beyond this model by using an adjusting wheel depending on the driver-and passenger-size pan, at a total of 36 degrees up and down.

Seven airbags are standard. Other security details include fatigue detection, “Attention Assist”, the preventive occupant protection system PRE-SAFE, the “Intelligent Light System“ the active bonnet and the Adaptive Cruise Control, “Distronic Plus.”

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