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Geneva 2010: Lotus Evora 414E Hybrid

After the British sports car maker Lotus has on the development of the electric athlete Tesla Roadster has worked to present the Brits are at the Geneva Motor Show, using their own vehicle with electric drive. Next goes in the Evora 414E hybrid with two electric motors and a gasoline range extender. Each of the two electric motors delivers a powerful 207 hp, making the sprint to 100 kph takes just 4 seconds. A lithium-ion battery with a storage capacity of 17 kWH is used as energy storage, which can be easily recharged overnight on a standard wall outlet. According to the lotus is pure electric range is around 50 kilometers, but this is sufficient for the daily average is certainly required. Thereafter, the Range Extender to automatically jump with his performance of 48 hp, which then provide power to the electric motors and simultaneously recharges the store. Thus, the Evora comes to a total range of around 480 kilometers. A special feature is still slowing down, where the braking energy is recovered and fed into the battery.

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