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Geneva 2010: Koenigsegg Agera – Swedish Beauty

Koenigsegg presented in Geneva – Agera during the 15 years of activity. It is a further evolution of the CCXR and puts new limits on the benefits offered by the manufacturer Nordic tandem with the further development of the 4.7 supercharged V8 capable of 910 hp and 1100 hours Nm of torque: 1000 Nm are available continuously from 2680 to 6100 rpm and have to push a dry mass of only 1290 kg.

Among the new techniques, to signal the renewed partnership with Michelin for the development of ultra high performance tires and new brakes with ABS, adjustable, carbon-ceramic discs which can count from 392 × 36 × 24 front and 380 rear. Also new is the adjustable traction control and much faster in his speech on the rear tire 335/30 20”. The Agera says a top speed of 390 km/h, from 0 to 100 km/h in 3.1 seconds and to 200 km/h in 8.9 seconds and has an average consumption of 16 l/100 km. The new aerodynamics can count on a thrust of 300 kg to 250 km/h and all the mechanical changes brought Koenisegg declare a lateral acceleration of 1.6 g with good tires approved for road use.

Even in the internal Agera offers new solutions from the past: the Ghost Light technology has helped achieve a new type of lighting that seems to shine from carbon fiber, while the dashboard allows you to select fully reviewed the information the pilot desires to keep time to time under control.

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