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Geneva 2010: Alfa Romeo Bertone Pandion – 100th anniversary

At the Geneva Motor Show is currently the more developed of the Apollo Sport Gumpert (sports car manufacturer) to admire.

The Italian car body kit maker Schneider Bertone presented to the audience at the Geneva Motor Show concept car, the Alfa Romeo Bertone Pandion. The very dynamic sectional study is the contribution of the design studio for the 100th anniversary of Alfa Romeo.

As a 2 +2- seater futuristic substructure of the Pandion is the Alfa Romeo 8C-platform, was also immediately taken by the entire drivetrain with the 4.7-liter V8 engine and its 450 horsepower. The rather striking front of Pandion takes the classic Alfa Scudetto on the grille and allowed to run in the side of the wide slot cooler lights. The interior of the study is fully glazed to consider taking the side glass panels of the front wheel arches to the rear wheel arches. Another highlight is the windshield, which extends from the bonnet down to the rear, where once again fulfills its mission, an integrated diffuser. The passengers take in the interior of the roughly 1,000 kg Pandion on four individual seats.

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  1. i really like the car, but can’t help it notice the hostess.

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