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Frankfurt 2013 Live: Ford Mondeo Vignale and Ford S-Max Concept

Ford did not bring at Frankfurt Motor Show 2013 (65th Internationale Automobil-Ausstellung) the new Mondeo instead unveiled the Ford Mondeo Vignale, a concept close to the future Mondeo series version. Vignale will become a top trim level for the Mondeo, ahead Titanium. Along with Vignale, the American stand also boosted with the Ford S-Max Concept, a future big class MPV. S-Max is a Ford model appreciated by customers, especially in Western Europe, and Ford wants a replacement, and this concept gives us an idea of what to expect.

Ford Mondeo Vignale Live at Frankfurt Motor Show 2013

Ford Mondeo Vignale Live at Frankfurt Motor Show 2013

At the 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show, Ford seeks a slightly repositioning in the mid-range segment. How to do that? With a concept unveiled today and named Ford Mondeo Vignale. Also in Frankfurt, the American car manufacturer presented Ford S-Max Concept, a model that anticipates both a change in the Ford MVP’s range, but also a change in the design department.

Ford Mondeo Vignale – the new King of the Hill

As the name suggests, the Ford Mondeo Vignale concept is actually an improved version of the next generation Mondeo in both body styles (sedan and wagon) expected to reach the market as an exclusive line. Specifically, Vignale equipment will be positioned higher than the current top trim level, called Titanium. Its purpose will be to address customers who want a Mondeo with a very generous equipment and many customization elements.

The Vignale exclusive line, which also serves to revive an old Italian brand bought by Ford in 1969, will be extended to other models of the Blue Oval, next on the list following to be S-Max and Edge. Along with the new Mondeo, the two models will try to satisfy the needs of pretentious clients, amounting to 15% of all Ford orders in Europe.

Ford Mondeo Vignale anticipates a series version that will hit the market earliest at the start of 2015. Until then it is possible to see Vignale versions for the other two models, S-Max and Edge.

Ford S-Max Concept  Live at Frankfurt Motor Show 2013

Ford S-Max Concept Live at Frankfurt Motor Show 2013

Ford S-Max Concept – heralding a new design language

Ford S-Max concept foreshadows a new global design language that will be used by Ford, which is an evolution of the design language introduced in 2005 by the Iosis concept. The new changes include a longitudinal front grille and headlights “pulled” back. Ford representatives said the new design language is cleaner and more confident

The exhibit Ford S-Max concept will be equipped with an 1.5 EcoBoost engine, the new engine recently introduced by the American car manufacturer into production at the plant from Craiova, Romania.

One of the main changes is the new S-Max generation’s orientation towards premium, in order to get more customers coming from premium brands and needing an MVP, common situation, as explained by the Ford representatives. In relation to the current model, the new S-Max will have less ground clearance, bigger a length and a width and a more spacious interior. The third row of seats has a special configuration that allows a flat floor after folding the rear seats, without reducing passenger comfort, the folding being done in one step.

In terms of technology, the concept is equipped with Ford’s active parking system, able to park the car without any help from the driver.

Ford Live at Frankfurt Motor Show 2013


– Ford of Europe announces plans to launch Vignale – a unique exclusive product and ownership experience – in early 2015.

“Vignale represents the highest expression of the Ford brand in Europe from both a product and from an ownership experience perspective,” said Stephen Odell, Ford president of Europe, Middle East and Africa. “The Ford Mondeo Vignale Concept showcases the features that customers tell us they want in terms of styling and quality, advanced technology and exclusivity.”

Ford presented the new Ford Mondeo Vignale Concept in four-door saloon and estate body styles, both featuring 20in Vignale alloy wheels with in-depth detailing and high-quality finish, “Vignale” badging, chrome door handles and mirror caps, mesh grille, unique front bumper and fog lamp design, and exclusive “Nocciola” dark brown coachwork.

“Influences that range from architecture to fashion combine to give the Mondeo Vignale Concept a sense of high quality and a feeling of timelessness – alongside the very latest advanced technologies,” said Stefan Lamm, exterior design director, Ford of Europe.

“Ford Vignale premium services will meet the needs of the customer for whom time is the ultimate luxury,” said Gaetano Thorel, Marketing vice president, Ford of Europe.


Ford S-MAX Concept Evolves Unique White Space Appeal with Beautifully Crafted Design and Smart Technology

Ford Motor Company today revealed the new Ford S MAX Concept, a new sport activity vehicle that takes the style-without-compromise ethos of the popular current S-MAX to new levels with a sharper design, advanced technology, and premium craftsmanship.

“When Ford unveiled the SAV – sport activity vehicle – Concept in 2005 it immediately captured the public’s imagination and inspired us to produce today’s S-MAX, a true white space vehicle,” said Barb Samardzich, vice president, Product Development, Ford of Europe. “Our new S-MAX Concept takes that unique appeal to the next level with Ford’s latest design and technology innovations for a new generation.”

“S MAX drivers are passionate and bring high expectations – they see their S-MAX as a one-of-a-kind vehicle,” said Martin Smith, executive design director, Ford of Europe. “Our mission was to exceed their expectations in every area while respecting the core of what they love about the S-MAX.”

“The new S-MAX Concept is not only a unique proposition in terms of its uncompromised combination of styling, versatility and driver-focused dynamics, but also through its innovative technologies delivering superior safety, well-being and seamlessly integrated connectivity,” said Pim van der Jagt, executive technical leader, Ford Research and Advanced Engineering. “With the S-MAX Concept we aimed to demonstrate just how wide a scope of technologies Ford is preparing to deliver for customers in future generations of vehicles.”

Ford Mondeo Vignale & Ford S-Max Concept photo gallery – Frankfurt Motor Show 2013 Live

Ford Mondeo Vignale & Ford S-Max Concept at IAA 2013


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