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Frankfurt 2011 Live: Volvo You Concept – the pleasant Swedish surprise

Although many believed that they will see just a new facelift for the old XC90, Volvo has booked a surprise: the Volvo You Concept.

Volvo You Concept

Volvo You Concept

At the Swedish stand only a new Volvo XC90 Facelift announced itself (XC90 with a record lifetime of almost 10 years). However, Scandinavians wanted to surprise the journalists present at the Frankfurt Motor Show 2011. It seems that they have succeeded, the new Volvo You Concept being appreciated by everyone present.

IAA 2011 Live: Volvo You Concept Photo Gallery

Volvo You Concept presentation

After impressing the Asian audience and therefore the owners of Geely with the Universe concept presented in the spring in Shanghai, Volvo now focuses on European markets. The Swedish manufacturer decided to expose another iteration of the Universe prototype at IAA 2011, an evolution of its design, simply named You.

Volvo You Concept body lines don’t seem so futuristic as the Universe concept, but it is a fantastic evolution from what we see today on Volvo. The real revolution occurs on the inside, where we enter on the opposite opening doors, a style reinvented by Rolls Royce. Absolute novelty is the multimedia system, concentrated in a touch screen mounted in the center of the dashboard, which is paired with a head-up display, located on the windshield. A series of infrared cameras are monitoring the driver’s eyes and sight direction, raising to life the entire multimedia system.

The climate, audio or entertainment functions available on Volvo You Concept can be accessed only by using the eye sight. Passenger and driver can exchange data, access the Internet or send messages to those in the back seats. Another innovation available on Volvo You Concept is the audio system developed by Alpine that comes with a FreshAir subwoofer, weighing only 1.3 kilograms and not 15 kg.

Volvo XC90 Facelift

Volvo XC90 Facelift

Volvo doesn’t bring currently on the market a successor to the XC90. Future of the Volvo XC90 SUV is still questioned, although the current generation has managed to achieve already a decade of existence. To keep alive the public interest, Volvo comes with a series of discrete changes, able to make the XC90 facelift an interesting proposal.

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