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Frankfurt 2011 Live: Kia – the spicy stand

Kia came at Frankfurt Motor Show 2011 with a GT Concept, the three-door versions of Rio and Picanto, but also with the Optima Hybrid, a mid-range hybrid sedan.

Kia GT Concept

Kia GT Concept

Kia GT Concept – the spice

The Kia stand in Frankfurt presents the three-door version of Rio, the GT concept and the three-door Picanto. Kia Rio model is already known on the West European auto market but there is only in the five-door hatchback variant.

This Kia Rio version is dedicated to those who want to buy their first car and will be successful only in Western Europe markets. Kia hopes that the three-door version will be responsible for 25% of Rio‘s sales. To impress potential clients, the three-door Kia Rio is offered with a choice of 10 body colors: White, Black, Bright Silver, Signal Red, Fresh Beige, Electronic Blue, Deep Blue, Wendy Brown, Graphite and Caramel Yellow.

Kia launched at the Frankfurt Auto Show the three-door version of Picanto, which has a revised front, a larger radiator grille and a red contour. Three-door version of Kia Picanto has the same dimensions like its more “practical” brother and boasts a spacious interior. Its five-door brother has been tested by EuroNCAP and received four stars after the last test session.

The other Kia Picanto elements were not modified, the platform, the interior and the engines range not being different from the five-door Kia Picanto version, launched at the Geneva Motor Show this year.

IAA 2011 Live: Kia Photo Gallery

Kia also brought a concept at IAA 2011. This is a new concept, named simply Kia GT. The Kia GT Concept wants to be a performance coupe that exposes the technological advances achieved by the Asians. Under a futuristic body design Kia GT has a 3.3 liter V6 turbo engine, able to develop a total of 390 horsepower and 543 Nm. Resources are sent to the rear axle via an automatic gearbox with eight reports.

According to official announcement, Kia GT concept is inspired by the lines of Kia Kee, exposed at the same Frankfurt Motor Show, but in 2007 in, and also from the iconic GT versions of the ’70s.

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