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Car insurance: The one thing car addicts cannot overlook

Only you know just how much you love your car. Sadly, only you can keep it completely safe. While central locking and other traditional security systems are fantastic additions to any motor, the best way to ensure that you’re covered is to make sure you have the correct insurance for your car. Whether it’s a brand new Ford Mondeo or a classic Jaguar E-Type, you need to make sure everything is protected in any event.

Car insurance Tricks

Whether you take damage in a crash, blow a gasket or have your car targeted by ever-cleverer thieves, the right insurance policy is vital because otherwise, you may have the carpet pulled from underneath you when liabilities and surcharges kick in. Only a few companies in the UK understand cars across the board, whether it’s a van or a specialist kitcar; specialist brokers or one of the leading providers and can give you a great deal to safeguard your passion from the worst.

You must be sure to check a few things out before getting insurance, though. Firstly, find out what the real value of your car is. Many other unscrupulous insurance firms will look to get the better of you, though trusted providers like Staveley Head will be able to use this information to give you a reasonable and fair deal.

Modifications also need to be covered, especially on performance cars or any projects that have received upgrades on the original layout. For older cars, where materials or electrics were known to degrade and have since been replaced (here’s looking at you, Lancia), then these should be taken into account.

Luckily, it’s not all about raising the price of your coverage. If you’re a member of an Owners’ Club, or if your car has a low annual mileage, many insurance companies will offer you a discount, so this should be taken into account.

Whatever you do, be safe and not sorry; get the right insurance for you now, or you could stand to pay even more.

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