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Lincoln MKC 2014 Concept – Prices for Ford Kuga’s New Brother

The Americans from Ford have developed a new Lincoln concept named Lincoln MKC 2014 concept, using the platform of Ford Kuga. We’re talking  about a brand new Lincoln MKC 2014, a potential rival for Mercedes-Benz GLK and created especially for the U.S. market.

Lincoln MKC 2014 Concept Prices

Lincoln MKC 2014 Concept

Lincoln, a brand exclusively for the U.S. market, introduced a new concept at the Detroit Auto Show 2013. It’s the new Lincoln MKC 2014, a compact SUV, based on the platform of the Ford Kuga, which is designed to introduce the brand to a highly profitable market segment. In 2012, the premium compact SUV segment grew by nearly 60 percent, says the Ford Motor Company and the growth for the past four years rises to 200 percent. Ford therefore wants to reinvent the Lincoln brand and this segment seems to be the perfect opportunity for this type of movement.

Lincoln MKC 2014 Review

The Lincoln MKC 2014 concept is the lowest model Lincoln ever built, with a length of 4550 mm, a width of 1932 mm and a height of 1607 mm. The wheelbase of Detroit’s concept is 2712 mm. Compared to Ford Escape, the American version of Kuga 2013, Lincoln MKC 2014 is longer and wider, but has a shorter wheelbase. However, the two models share the same platform; the concept presented in Detroit is equipped with a 2.0-liter EcoBoost engine.

The Lincoln officials did not specified when they will launch a production version of Lincoln MKC 2014 Concept, but several elements of this concept, including the interior and the engine, are almost ready for production versions. Moreover, the headlights, the front grille, the A pillars, the alloy wheels and the whole front part seems to be ready for production, the only unusual items being at the doors, that do not have handles, and the side mirrors, which have unusually small dimensions for a vehicle of this size range.

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When it comes to the interior of Lincoln MKC 2014 Concept, Klaus Busse, Chrysler’s Head of Interior Design said: “Overall, I think that it’s nicely done. I really like the fact that the surfaces look hand-sculpted. It’s clean.”

Prices for Lincoln MKC 2014 are currently unavailable but we will update this article as soon as possible!

Lincoln MKC 2014 Concept Video

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