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Detroit 2012 Live: Scion FR-S Racer the U.S. version of Toyota GT-86

Toyota presented the new Scion FR-S Racer at Detroit Auto Show 2012 (North American International Auto Show – NAIAS 2012), an American interpretation of the GT-86 coupe developed in cooperation with Subaru, made especially for drift competitions.

Scion FR-S Racer

Scion FR-S Racer - Detroit Auto Show 2012 Live

After a long wait, strewn with many teasers and concepts, Toyota unveiled last autumn the coupe with rear wheel drive, developed with Subaru: GT-86. A few days later, the partners from Subaru revealed their own interpretation of the sporty coupe, named BRZ, and with it another version made especially for the circuit.

Scion FR-S Racer photo gallery – Detroit Auto Show 2012 Live

Scion FR-S Racer – Drift

Seeing the Subaru BRZ sports version, Toyota remained obliged and decided to bring a derivative for the new GT-86 to Detroit this year. Scion FR-S Racer has on the bonnet the “Scion” logo, the more youthful North American division of Toyota.

Scion FR-S Racer is the result of a new collaboration between Scion and GReddy, the old Japanese partners. The goal was to create a car that can compete in Formula Drift series, a competition held in the U.S. The driver? Our veteran: Ken Gush.

Compared to the Toyota GT-86 from which it was born, the Scion FR-S Racer benefits from a new aerodynamic kit that includes a front spoiler extension and a huge spoiler in the back of the car. Let’s not forget the alloy wheels with special tires, better windows, shell type seats, a roll cage and a sporty steering wheel.

But the main surprise is what hides under the bonnet, where GReedy and Scion managed to squeeze 600 horsepower (447 Kw / 608 PS), fully committed to the rear axle.

Scion FR-S Racer Video – Detroit Auto Show 2012 Live

Video 2013 Scion FR-S Racer Drifting

Scion FR-S Racer via | Toyota USA

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