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Detroit 2012 Live: The all new 2013 Ford Fusion in U.S. – Ford Mondeo in Europe

This is the new generation of Ford Fusion / Ford Mondeo. So far, the model was launched only in the U.S. as the 2013 Ford Fusion, in Europe being known as Ford Mondeo.

2013 Ford Fusion / 2013 Ford Mondeo

2013 Ford Fusion / 2013 Ford Mondeo - Detroit Auto Show 2012 Live

Along with the debut at Detroit Auto Show 2012 (North American International Auto Show – NAIAS 2012), Ford published the first official pictures of the new generation Fusion. The European version of this model will be broughtin 2013, following to be sold as 2013 Ford Mondeo.

Ford Fusion / Ford Mondeo photo gallery – Detroit Auto Show 2012 Live

2013 Ford Fusion / 2013 Ford Mondeo Design

The 2013 Ford Fusion borrows the exterior lines of the Evos concept presented in Frankfurt in September last year, adapting them to a proper model of the medium segment. The new model stands out through a large front grille and a pair of optical blocks with an aggressive design and LED daytime running lights.

Very interesting is that the new Ford Fusion / Ford Mondeo will increase in size. Thus, the Ford representative in the mainstream segment will be the longest model in this class, exceeding models like Passat, Insignia, Superb, Mazda6 or even Mercedes E-Class, which is from another league.

The interior is completely changed and comes with a center console clearly oriented towards the drive, BMW style, and the materials, as Ford claims it, are an obvious step forward compared with the previous generation model.

Ford Fusion Engines – the Hybrid version being the main attraction

Talking about engines, the new Ford Fusion will be presented to the American public with a series of four-cylinder turbo engines from the EcoBoost range, with an aspirated 2.0 liter unit and an interesting hybrid version.

Ford Fusion Hybrid has, in fact, an interesting history, its predecessor was voted The Eco Car of the Year in North America in 2010. This time, the hybrid system abandoned the 2.5-liter unit for a more efficient one: 2.0 liter Atkinson-cycle rated at 180 horsepower (134.2 Kw / 182.5 PS) and 130 pound-feet of torque (176 Nm). According to data provided by the officials, Ford Fusion Hybrid is capable of achieving 47 mpg in the city (5.0 liters/100 km), along with an immensely respectable 44 mpg highway (5.7 liters/100 km).

2013 Ford Fusion / 2013 Ford Mondeo Technology

After the last generation of Focus was seen well due to technological innovations made in the compact segment, Ford Fusion will not disappoint any fans.

Elements such as Lane Keeping System (which sends a vibration in the steering wheel when the road’s marking lines are broken), the intelligent Adaptiv Cruise Control (which has implemented a warning function in the case of a potential collision) or Active Park Assist (automatic parking) is found in the arsenal of the new model.

In the U.S., the new generation SYNC system, which allows Internet connection on board, helping the driver to “talk” with his own car to activate functions and systems.

2013 Ford Fusion Video – Detroit Auto Show 2012 Live

2013 Ford Fusion / 2013 Ford Mondeo Video

Video 2013 Ford Fusion Engines

2013 Ford Fusion / 2013 Ford Mondeo via | Ford

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