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Detroit 2012 Live: Lincoln MKZ Concept

Lincoln, the luxury brand of Ford has brought at Detroit Auto Show 2012 (North American International Auto Show – NAIAS 2012), its new Lincoln MKZ Concept. This concept prefigures a future luxury sedan for the U.S. market.

Lincoln MKZ Concept

Lincoln MKZ Concept - Detroit Auto Show 2012 Live

Lincoln brought at Detroit Auto Show its luxury sedan concept named MKZ. Lincoln officials have said that this concept could go into production starting this year. If this is confirmed, it will be a big step forward in the U.S. for Ford’s luxury brand.

The current MKZ is not highly appreciated by the American public and is almost identical to the old U.S. version of Ford Fusion.

Lincoln MKZ Concept photo gallery – Detroit Auto Show 2012 Live

Lincoln MKZ Concept

The most inspired changes were made for the front of the new version prefigured by Lincoln MKZ Concept. The grille now comes in two pieces, and represents Lincoln’s brand image in a new interpretation, perhaps the best so far. This horizontal grille has now elements that emphasize the car width’s and was inspired by the 1938 Lincoln Zephyr.

Lincoln MKZ Concept has its ceiling made out of glass and the rear is dominated by stop lights stretching for the entire length of the body. Also, discharges have now been integrated in the spoiler.

Inside, the Lincoln MKZ Concept proves to be quite conventional. For a concept, we would have expected a fancy interior but the Americans have elected a very conservative interior.

There are also some interesting elements. The gearbox selector is actually a button, the dashboard is now a configurable trough a LCD screen, while the upholstery is made out of perforated leather that has a model which mimics champagne bubbles.

Ford Group wants to reinvent the Lincoln brand for the U.S. market and the Lincoln MKZ Concept is the first step. Lincoln has lost much of the American luxury car market and competition is extremely strong. Currently, Lincoln is a brand best known for the classic Town Car, America’s last rear-wheel drive sedan.

Lincoln MKZ Concept Video – Detroit Auto Show 2012 Live

Lincoln MKZ Concept Video – Presentation

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