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Car Stories: The First Crossing of America by Car

Nowadays, traveling by car is a common thing and it is no longer getting anyone nervous. Over a hundred years ago, however, this was an adventure. Here is the story of the first crossing of the North American continent at the steering wheel of a car. The year is 1908. The car was a new invention, a mechanical curiosity, and ...

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10 Features that Will Be Removed from Future Cars

The car evolves. New systems appear and the old ones that have become archaic disappear. Like it or not, in the future we will not have some elements that we got used to. Today’s car is the conglomeration of electronics designed to make life easier for the driver and their passengers. Automakers are constantly innovating and something new always appears. ...

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Elon Musk Is Presenting Hyperloop, The Train Of The Future

How would we cover a distance of 650km in just 30 minutes with a safe and highly futuristic means of transportation? The Hyperloop, imagined by Elon Musk, is an alternative very much likely to happen. After they “invented” the Tesla electric car manufacturer and managed to give chills to the major automakers in an area that seemed impossible to attack ...

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BMW i3 Premiered Today

BMW officially unveiled the new i3, its first electric series model. The Germans have invested two billion euros to develop the model and released it during an event conducted simultaneously in three countries and streamed over the Internet. BMW i3 debuted today on the Internet, at a presentation streamed live on Youtube, but organized in parallel in London, New York ...

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Icona Vulcano – A New Hibrid Supercar Presented at Shanghai 2013

The Chinese auto show amazed the audience with the entry of a new producer on the scene demanding high-performance exotic cars: Icona Vulcano. Icona Volcano aims to rival the likes of Ferrari and McLaren P1 Ferrara. We wonder: does it have real chances? The new Icona Vulcano sports coupe is the first car that the newly established in China company ...

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