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Bet You Didn’t Know These 4 Things About the IDV In Car Insurance

 Your car is your prized possession. It is because you spent a considerable amount of money on it that you want to keep it as safeguarded as possible. Moreover, since your car is subject to accidents and breakdowns, therefore, it is all the more important that you keep it as insured as possible. This is the reason why buying car ...

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Wear and Tear: 3 Tips for Keeping Your Driveway in Tip Top Shape over the Years

A well-maintained driveway adds curb appeal and it protects people and vehicles. Cracks, holes, and gaps can cause wear and tear on vehicles and tires. The same spots are also a slip hazard for anyone that walks across the yard. No one wants to waste money on an unnecessary replacement that could cost thousands of dollars. Extend the life of ...

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Aligning the Pieces of the Legal Puzzle: 4 Elements of Proving Negligence in a Car Accident Claim

Not only does a car accident cause physical pain to the affected party, but it also comes with intense financial pressures, for instance, the vehicle repair costs and huge hospital bills. The good thing is that with insurance, you are guaranteed of some sort of compensation depending on the scope of your cover. However, you need to be realistic about ...

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What You Can Do with Your Car After It’s Involved in an Accident

Every year, more than six million car accident cases are reported in the US. This is according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Most of these accidents result in injuries to the victims and damages to the vehicles involved. If you or someone close to you has been involved in a car accident, you might panic to an extent ...

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Facing the Reality of the Road: 4 Tips for Safe Driving If  You Lack Experience Behind the Wheel

Driving always presents a number of dangers even for experienced drivers, but new drivers venturing out on the roads are not always aware of the problems they could face. Even though there are many ways to make a trip easier and safer, there are four that should definitely be on the mind of a new driver. Rule Number One: Stay ...

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