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NHTSA presented the prototype of a system that prevents engine start if the driver has been drinking

NHTSA (US – National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) presented its proposal to eradicate drunk driving: the car ignition that does not allow the engine to start without the vial test. NHTSA, US transport safety body, presented the prototype of a system that does not allow departure from the place of a vehicle if its driver has consumed alcohol and alcoholic ...

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NHTSA backup cameras

NHTSA: All new cars will have the standard Backup Cameras until May 2018

NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) wants to make roads safer in the years ahead and proposed a legislation requiring automobile manufacturers to install backup cameras for all models manufactured after May 1, 2018. The Department of Transportation and its NHTSA, managed to impose a new regulation for automobile manufacturers and distributors operating in North America. To prevent 15,000 injuries ...

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NHTSA recommends restriction of SMS and internet functions from a car’s multimedia systems

NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) issued a series of recommendations for car manufacturers. They aim to eliminate SMS and internet functions from the multimedia system while the vehicle is in motion. NHTSA, one of the major U.S. organizations as part of the Department of Transportation, wants to stop drivers for good for issues related to writing SMS or using ...

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Takata scandal reaches a new peak: the car airbags manufacturer announced the largest recall in history, involving 33.8 million cars

Takata Co. acknowledged publicly that airbags installed in over 33 million cars sold globally have flaws and could endanger passengers. All affected cars will be recalled in service. Takata, Japanese manufacturer of airbags, announced the largest recall in history, will replace airbags fitted to 33.8 million cars. In the past, the recall Takata reached 18 million units, but after months ...

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What to Do If You’ve Been in an Auto Accident

As a car addict, you love to get out and take long drives in your favorite ride of the moment. Maybe you want to spend a few hours cruising the coast with your top let down, or maybe you prefer a scenic drive on a mountain byway. Unfortunately, the more you drive, the greater risk you put yourself at for ...

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