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Volvo control buttons battle vs. BMW, Audi and Mercedes: “They have 55, we have only eight”

Volvo intends to rely on simplicity in attracting new clients. A concrete example is the interior of the new , with more intuitive than the BMW, Mercedes and Audi rivals.

2016 Volvo XC90 interior

Volvo must recover the distance from its main rivals and promises to do this by a completely new approach by the end of this decade.

Hakan Samuelsson, CEO Volvo, said the main advantage of the Swedes in front of BMW, Audi and Mercedes will be simplicity. Volvo will avoid complexity, Samuelsson example of extremely eloquent. He used three numbers to suggest differences between Swedish and German 55, 37 and eight.

The numbers 55 and 37 are all the buttons found on the last two models launched by German rivals BMW, Audi and Mercedes. The figure eight is the number of buttons used to control the main functions of the Volvo XC90.

“Nobody wants hidden buttons in dark dashboard or seat around,” said Samuelsson, referring to the amalgam of buttons that we find in German rivals. He argued that Volvo will try a new alternative, more simplistic, trying to build a reputation in this regard.

“We will not try to copy our rivals. Nobody wants to buy a copy. Everyone wants something original, and we will try to offer it,” Samuelsson concluded. The official claims that Volvo will address more customers who value comfort, safety and environment family than engine power.

Another reinvention effort to brand Samuelsson in his speech recalled the official, the delivery system to the car. With an app, shopping at the supermarket or clothes from the cleaners will be delivered directly to the machine. Courier will have access once inside the car, to deliver the order. Afterward, the machine will lock and the owner will receive a notification SMS.

Samuelsson Volvo claims that the offensive has only just begun. The next four years will be crucial for the Swedish manufacturer that promises a flurry of new models. That will make the end of this decade, ie 2020, the oldest model in the Volvo XC90 will be present.

Also by then, Volvo hopes to reach a threshold of 800,000 annual sales, a significant increase from the 465,000 units shipped in 2014.

via Volvo

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