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Volkswagen sales narrowly exceeds Toyota in the first half of 2015

After the first months of 2015, Volkswagen has managed to exceed the Toyota sales and hopes that by the end of 2015 to become the largest automaker in the world.

Volkswagen Toyota 2015

The first half of the year brought increasing sales for both giants are fighting for the top position among the largest automakers in the world. And Toyota, last year’s winner, and Volkswagen, European conglomerate with a climb fulminant recorded an excellent first half year.

However, Toyota managed to sell 5.02 million cars and Volkswagen enjoyed a more successful, managing to reach a value of 5.04 million units. So after six months, the hierarchy has changed, and the Germans seem to be on track to achieve the first place among the largest automakers, a target that would touch her three years earlier than estimated the officials.

Both manufacturers have suffered setbacks reported by the Chinese auto market, an area where both brands sell well.

Volkswagen successfully offset this decrease, based on consistent growth in Europe in the 19 countries using the euro. Volkswagen Group benefited from an increase of 6% on the market in the parent and Western Europe, helped by new models such as VW and Porsche Macan small SUV.

On the other hand, Toyota has enjoyed an increase of 5.7% on the European market but was helped by a consistent 5.6% increase on the US market, where its volumes are extremely high. Here, customers have shown interest in NX Lexus and Toyota RAV4 crossovers.

We can not talk among the largest automakers in the world without mentioning and the last step of the podium, occupied last year, and this year, after the first six months, all of General Motors. The Americans were quite difficult six months, reporting a 1.2% drop in sales and a total of 4.86 million units sold.

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