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Trouble in Paradise: After Jeep Cherokee, hackers take over the controls of a Tesla Model S

Tesla Model S is the latest car fell victim to an experiment in which two cyber security specialists remotely take over a car’s controls. Tesla Motors has already announced a software update that resolves the issue.

Tesla Model S security

After two cyber security specialists showed last month that the software that controls the electronic systems can be attacked Jeep Cherokee gaps, prompting a recall to update the systems of 1.4 million cars, Tesla Motors in turn falls the attention of “hackers”. In an article published by the Financial Times (article available for a fee), two cyber-security researchers have demonstrated that they can take control of a Tesla Model S, stopping the car while it was moving at low speed.

The experiment took place safely and the two Tesla Model S specialists chose the target of the attack because the US company has an excellent reputation in terms of the attention it gives digital safety zone. Kevin Mahaffey and Marc Rogers, specialists of two American companies operating supply sector cyber security, demonstrated that the Model S is still “holes” in the system, managing to remotely control the main functions of the hottest electric model in the world.

“I stopped the car while it was moving at slow speed of 5 mph (equivalent of 8 km / h, no). All displays were black, the music stopped and the parking brake was on, forcing the car to stop, “tell the two specialists who will detail the process by which they took control of a Model S at a conference taking place this weekend in Las Vegas.

Tesla responds: software update available immediately

Tesla Motors Although officials have not commented on the incident yet, the Financial Times reports that all owners of Model S will receive a software update that will resolve the issue. Tesla Model S In the case of physical presence is not required to service the machine, this type of update can be done wireless connection to the Internet using the dashboard.

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