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Toyota Mirai: autonomy over 500 km / 300 miles

Toyota Mirai, the first hydrogen-powered production model developed by the Japanese car manufacturer, is preparing to debut in Europe and the United States, with an autonomous range estimated at 500 km/ 300 mi.


The new Toyota Mirai I knew the series version late last year, when Toyota wanted to convince the public that can be a pioneer in the field of hydrogen-fueled vehicles.

Toyota Mirai first hydrogen-powered production model of the brand, comes in Europe and US in 2015.

FCV production version of the concept presented at the 2013 Tokyo Motor Show, the new Mirai is preparing to make his first acquaintance with European and American customers, that once attracted large audiences parent market in Japan, requiring even increased production.

The version that will be marketed in Europe and the United States was recently tested by experts and promising full autonomy of 502.1 kilometers on a single tank of hydrogen. Value is impressive for an electric model, which uses hidroen to create energy used in propulsion.

On the US market, the new Toyota Mirai will be sold alongside a range of facilities, reminiscent of the revolution that has proposed it with the release of Tesla Model S.

Specifically, customers will receive fuel Mirai‘s free 24/7 customer support during the first three years, a rental for seven days free support Toyota, service plan without the expense for the first three years or 55,000 kilometers and warranty 8 years or 160,000 km for several components of the drive train.

Toyota Mirai via Toyota


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