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Top 5 BMW Accessories

BMW has presented the updated range of aftermarket accessories for the BMW and Mini models. In addition to wheels, aerodynamic and power packs, we found five unusual accessories designed by the German manufacturer.

BMW_ Accessories_aftermark

BMW has a range of original accessories at least as generous as optional lists of his models. If the mark of Munich, the BMW Accessories range includes performance enhancing elements (there are separate BMW M Performance range), alloy wheels in various sizes, designs and finishes, interior trim packages and separate ornaments, clothing and numerous accessories that fit without irreversible changes on modern models Bavarian brand. These accessories can be purchased at any customer: the order made by the dealer when the car arrives or even after purchase. Obviously, the accessories are mounted in a BMW authorized service and does not affect just bought the machine warranty.

BMW original accessories have been launched on the market four years ago and their popularity is steadily growing since launch and has undergone exponential growth portfolio of products. For the European market, the most popular accessories are alloy wheels, power packs and design elements.

Foldable bicycle support with two mounting positions

Obviously, not inventor BMW bicycle carrier, but Germans also developed a fixture at least interesting. We are talking about an ultra-light bicycle rack that you can only raise a hand, which can be mounted on the tow hook or on a special support and can be fully folded to fit in the compartment under the luggage compartment models. In the case of BMW Active Tourer 2 car attached the photograph, the system can be folded completely into the space available without affecting the volume of luggage.

The car door that projects the BMW logo on the road
If you show, BMW offers spectacular lighting by projecting a BMW logo in the door when it opens. Moreover, you have alternatives, because besides BMW logo can choose the logo design or logo xDrive M through four lenses that can be easily mounted and dismounted. The good news for those interested is that this accessory can be ordered for older models that have ignited lights courtesy of the door opening.
Modern Headup Display for the BMW models that didn’t have the factory default

BMW offers a system with the Garmin-type head-up display which is mounted with adhesive on the board. Installation streak and do not involve drilling dashboard. It can display all the details of a HUD system works and can be connected to the driver’s smartphone and machine systems to indicate different coordinates. In the absence of a navigation system in the car list features, the Garmin app supports this function with dedicated display screen directly. Compatible with Series 1 (both generations), Series 2, Series 3 (the current and previous generation), X1, X3, X4, 5 Series and their derivatives.

GoPro bracket assembly for the headrest  or the front tow hook

GoPro cameras worldwide popularity has not gone unnoticed by BMW, which provides two solutions for fixing them, plus native support iDrive system. Besides the possibility of recording paths and walks, the system allows and still niche functions somewhat like shooting children in the back seat with the GoPro and real-time transmission of images of the vehicle multimedia screen.

Anti-theft travel bags for the BMW convertibles

BMW accessories range for its models includes several types of luggage, and the offer now has two anti-theft solution for owners of convertibles. We are talking about two different suitcases that size suitable to be placed in the baggage compartment dedicated aircraft. They are specifically designed to be used alongside the BMW convertible models. Bags can be caught in the back seat with a special system that uses integrated seatbelt and has a dedicated lock. The luggage can not be stolen if the driver leaves the car with the roof down and are not difficult to set in place. The bags have a compartment for easy access where objects can be placed that are not valuable and can be accessed through a simple zipper.



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