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Tesla Model X the series version: zero emissions and 256 miles autonomy

Tesla Motors presents the Tesla Model X presented the final production version. The new X SUV has four-wheel drive, the rear doors open vertically and a range of 256 miles / 413 kilometers.

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Tesla Model X, the first electric SUV series available for sale, debuted on the market in the United States. It will be marketed in the near future in Europe and the US model fails to impress by retaining the concept of eccentric features such as vertical opening rear doors. Moreover, the basic version has a range of 413 kilometers, while the top model can travel a total of 402 km. The basic version of the electric SUV called 90D, is able to accelerate from 0-60 mph in 4.8 seconds, while top version, P90D do the same in 3.2 seconds. Both four-wheel drive and seven seats.

Tesla Model X‘s suspension is pneumatic five presets, maximum ground clearance of 230 millimeters. In addition, the rear seat has three independent Sliding seat, three rows of seats for passengers adults (the third being foldable tray), Autopilot and automatic parking system announces a 2268 kg towing capacity. The manufacturer announces a roll-over prevention system and expects maximum score in all standardized safety tests which will be put away.

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Tesla Model X is equipped with air conditioners defense against biological weapons, able to stop bacteria and viruses to enter the cockpit and the panoramic roof is connected to the windscreen, a first in the SUV / crossover. The driver’s door can close and open only when approaching the owner of the car and the rear doors have a set of special hinges that allow their opening and tight spaces. In addition, they detected ultrasonic sensors that how much can open doors.

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