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Tesla: “We are not an elitist car manufacturer. You’ll see that with the release of Model 3”

Tesla Motors officials claim that will radically change customer profile with the release of the new Tesla Model 3, the forthcoming accessible electric car of the brand. It will cost $35,000 and will be on the market in 2017.

Tesla Model S

Tesla Model S

Although Tesla Motors is seen as an elitist brand, whose only model sells for amounts exceeding € 100,000, officials argue that this brand image is one erroneous. Vice President of the Development Bureau announced that Tesla will appear in future models range will change the brand image.

There competing brands that try to characterize us according to what we are now, in this moment, we have products at this time on the market. They did this in 2008 when announcing that all we have is a very roadster expensive. What these people need to understand is that mass production model that cost $ 35,000 and be available on the market in 2017 is not brand vision, but a well-established plan , considered one of the top officials of the American brand.

“Tesla client profile will change radically with the launch of the new Model 3, in 2017.” O’Connell Diarmund – Tesla Motors Vice President Development.

According to the release schedule of the Tesla, the next two years will be very important for the Californian brand: whether the release of Model 3, an electric car affordable price, is planned for 2017, next year will bring to market Model X SUV that such a model will be the first fullpower in the world. “We have a business plan that works perfectly from the start, and this plan indicates that Tesla will become much greater than it is today. However, there is a barrier of pessimism for each Tesla every point of development.” you will never launch an electric roadster. “” There will never launch Model S “. And yet, every time we go over these barriers,” says Tesla Motors official.


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