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Sergio Marchionne confirms the Ferrari Dino revival

Sergio Marchionne announced that Ferrari Dino will be relaunched as name for a new model. Unlike its ancestor, the new Dino will not be an affordable model and will not introduce a new range.


Although he spoke at length about the possibility of seeing a resurgence of Ferrari Dino as an entry-level supercar from Maranello‘s brand nor an Italian official did not confirm this intention. Until today, when Sergio Marchionne, head of Fiat-Chrysler group announced plans for the rebirth name Dino.

In an interview with Autocar UK, Marchionne admitted that Dino will return to the market, the only known on the launch date. Italian official took to speculate as to the new Dino will have the same mission with the old model: there will be a Ferrari addressed the masses, there will be less and will not serve to introduce a new range.

We could produce a 500 horsepower Dino, but it will not be at a cheap Ferrari. Our brand is unique and must be protected. I prefer to produce 500 units less than the market demand rather than producing more than 500 demands it. We must not play with Ferrari brand exclusivity,” said Marchionne.

About the future Ferrari Dino we do not know very much. Speculation talking about a model positioned level with the current California price, but more oriented towards driving pleasure.

Propulsion would be provided by a bi-turbo V6 engine, whereas Marchionne said feasibility studies on the introduction of a six-cylinder engine in the Ferrari range, was positive. Italians are advantaged by the fact that their plants already produce such engines V for other brand under the umbrella of Fiat, Maserati.

“We must not play with the exclusivity of the Ferrari,” added Marchionne.

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