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Renault Alaskan Concept announces a future pick-up in the French manufacturer’s range

The French automaker launched the Renault Alaskan Concept, a new pick-up that will go into series production starting 2016. The new Renault Alaskan Concept will debut at the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show.

Renault Alaskan Concept

Renault announced today that it will introduce its range of utility models a pick-up called Alaskan model. It is preceded by a concept of the same name that will be presented at the Frankfurt Motor Show. Alaskan Renault Concept is a full size pick-up that seems closely related to the Nissan Navara. Renault not officially confirmed this, but technical kinship with the Japanese model seems logical. The second concept for a pick-up model presented by Renault Duster after Orochi, but this is a model that will be dedicated solely to Latin American markets. Renault Alaskan is, however, a global model and will be introduced, most likely, in all major markets where Renault operates.

The production version of Renault Alaskan model will be launched in 2016, but Renault has published technical data on this version. Until then we can study the concept that Renault will be on the stand at Frankfurt. It presents with huge 21-inch wheels and headlights with LED technology, while the design of the front seems borrowed from the model Kadjar. Alaskan concept is powered by a diesel four-cylinder is longitudinal mounted. The engine was borrowed from engine range of tools used Renault Master.

The concept also presents a number of interesting technologies such as embedded video cameras instead of mirrors, and a trailer large enough to receive some bike or a complete set of camping. The concept uses a body double cabin, but Renault says that the Alaskan model series version will be available in Single Cab variant. The maximum load of the production version will be 1,000 kg.

Renault Alaskan Concept via Renault

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