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Red Bull teams up with Aston Martin for an extreme supercar

Although they will not also work in Formula 1, Red Bull Racing and Aston Martin are currently working to an extreme supercar designed by Adrian Newey.

Red Bull Racing and Aston Martin

At the end of last month, more information Red Bull Racing announced plans to create a production model with sports features.

Himself Christian Horner, senior director of Formula 1 Red Bull, confirmed the company’s concerns for launching a street model, emphasizing their involvement in this project has devoted Adrian Newey, technical director of Red Bull Racing team who brought four constructors championship titles.

It seems that information has not been born without a solid foundation. In an interview with Autocar, Adrian Newey has admitted that working with Aston Martin to develop an extreme supercar, the McLaren P1‘s stature and Ferari GTR K FXX, a car exclusively dedicated circuit.

Adrian Newey is the bridge between the two companies, Aston Martin and Red Bull, which although will not work for a possible evolution in Formula 1, as is speculated, will be able to jointly develop an advanced product.

Unofficial sources claim that the project is developing, but there are no clear details about his materialization. There is also some contradictions, because Aston Martin wants only one car circuit, Adrian Newey hopes while at a series version, able to follow in the footsteps of a legendary project, equally ambitious: Gordon Murray of McLaren F1.

Adrian Newey is already involved in the design and will not interfere with his work, expected on the market in 2018 with the Aston Martin Vulcan also a dedicated circuit supercar, presented this spring at the Geneva Motor Show.

Aston Martin Vulcan: 7.0 liter V12 and 800 hp for the British model competition.

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