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A step closer to the flying car: Terrafugia TF-X will be ready in 2022, takes off vertically and can fly 800 km/500 mi

Terrafugia, one of the companies involved in the development area near SF, involving cars that can fly, features the latest iteration of TF-X concept: Terrafugia TF-X. TF-X will be ready for production in about 8 years. Flying car has been and is one of modern humanity’s technological dreams since the early 1900s, when the great visionaries of the world’s top automakers ...

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After the LED and Laser lights, Audi raises the stakes with OLED taillights

3D lights inside taillights and a lot of opportunities to “play“ for designers – these are the main advantages of the new technology announced by Audi: auto OLED lights. Having introduced the concept of automotive LED lights, which first appeared on a production car with the launch of the previous generation A4 and after further developed the idea Matrix laser ...

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OFFICIAL: Clarkson, Hammond and May will have a new auto show starting 2016 at Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime will broadcast a completely new auto show from 2016, which will be starring Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond, the triad who made history in Top Gear. As soon as they left Top Gear, Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May were courted by several televisions to return in an auto show. More British channel but had ...

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Volkswagen sales narrowly exceeds Toyota in the first half of 2015

After the first months of 2015, Volkswagen has managed to exceed the Toyota sales and hopes that by the end of 2015 to become the largest automaker in the world. The first half of the year brought increasing sales for both giants are fighting for the top position among the largest automakers in the world. And Toyota, last year’s winner, ...

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Toyota Avensis S

Toyota Avensis Station Wagon Test Drive

Pragmatic Toyota is an important presence in the medium segment of the European car market. The Avensis has a faithful audience is appreciated for reliability and sturdiness. Even if the D segment is declining in Europe, customers preferring small and compact cars, the market remains, however, important for this kind of models. In the past three years, the segment average ...

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