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NHTSA presented the prototype of a system that prevents engine start if the driver has been drinking

NHTSA (US – National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) presented its proposal to eradicate drunk driving: the car ignition that does not allow the engine to start without the vial test.


NHTSA, US transport safety body, presented the prototype of a system that does not allow departure from the place of a vehicle if its driver has consumed alcohol and alcoholic îmbibaţia exceeds the maximum allowed in the US. The system can be programmed for more drivers to comply with a limit of zero grams of alcohol in the breath for some drivers. According to data collected by NHTSA, more than 10,000 people have died in the US in 2014 because some drivers were driving under the influence of alcohol. According to officials of the organization, there is no plan to make this system mandatory in the near future, but want to make the system an option for production vehicles of the future.

Commercial implementation of the system is at least five years away from launch, but tests on machines in the US government could begin before then. Depending on the results, legislators will decide what type of system will be developed further. The proposal involves a system that has a sensor in the steering wheel Alcooltest type and a unit of infrared fingerprint reader at the contact level. The driver is identified and measured breath alcohol concentration thereof. Depending on the type of system used, there is no possibility that the vehicle can not be started or can not be moved from the place.

The system proposed by NHTSA is criticized by the American Institute of beverages, which started a lobbying campaign against him. This organization states that people process alcohol at different rates and that the system DADSS (Driver Detection System for Safety · alcohols) may prevent a driver who drank a glass of wine with dinner to drive the car. While the US is permitted alcohol concentration of 0.08 per thousand in exhaled air for experienced drivers who have passed the age of 21, many other countries apply a policy of zero tolerance for drunk driving.


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