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Mercedes-Benz IAA Concept: The most interesting prototype at the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show

What happens when you give designers a free hand to create the most aerodynamic prototype they can produce? The answer comes from MercedesBenz, which presents the IAA Concept.

Mercedes-Benz IAA Concept

One of the best kept secret at the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show, is a concept that MercedesBenz will host at its own booth in the biggest auto event that takes place in Germany.

The prototype officially receives the name Mercedes-Benz IAA Coupe Concept and has a sensuous and fluid shape. The name comes from both the acronym IAA which is officially known as the Frankfurt Motor Show (Internationale Automobil Ausstellung), but also the Intelligent Car Aerodynamic.

This last explanation” of the official name underlies the whole idea about which concept the new MercedesBenz. The brand designers and engineers were challenged to imagine what kind of a car Mercedes-Benz preserving the mark, but to provide an image of a model with an aerodynamic drag coefficient peak. Thus, using ailerons and spoilers active, move quickly from concept to 5.04 meters in length to 5.43 meters and a drag coefficient Cx 0.25 to 0.19, a value excellent value even for a prototype.
MercedesBenz has officially called Aero” running this way and be activated at the press of a button or automatically when the speed exceeds 80 kilometers per hour.

Mercedes-Benz IAA Concept frankfurt

Under the hood, the new Mercedes-Benz IAA concept hybrid propulsion system offers a plug-in that generates a maximum of 279 horsepower. It is the same package that we find the new version of the C-Class 350E, but version Concept IAA advantage of superior aerodynamics package and provides an electric range of 66 kilometers in Aero mode.

It remains to be seen is the logic of this concept in future Mercedes-Benz brand. It could be a simple study or could give us clues about one of the future design concepts of the MercedesBenz fluid, such as CLS.

Germans coupe concept is just one of the seven world premieres of the brand. At the same Salon in Frankfurt, MercedesBenz is preparing the official launch of the new generation C-Class Coupe, a Class facelift, and the cabriolet version of the S-Class sedan.

Mercedes-Benz IAA Concept via Mercedes-Benz

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