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McLaren launched its own leasing program for supercars: McLaren Financial Services

McLaren will offer their own leasing program called McLaren Financial Services, available for the certified used vehicles from their offer.


McLaren Financial Services is a new branch of British company specializing in financing supercar produced in Surrey. We are talking about a leasing program for McLaren supercar, either new or read. By launching this division, the British were able to provide a relatively affordable option to driving a supercar made by them, whether it is a new vehicle set up or one derived from McLaren Qualified program for certified used cars. Obviously, to acquire a lease McLaren Are there a minimum down payment of approximately $ 60,000 (for the cheapest model, 570S), and contracts have a maximum of three years. The whole motto of the program is an oxymoron: exclusive access”.

McLaren introduced this program to ensure future sales growth without excessive diversify the range and without making major investments in the development of new models or variants on offer cheaper models. In addition, McLaren models are available to a new demographic categories. For example, a customer of McLaren 570S Coupe can only pay 1526 dollars a month for three years in addition to the advance of 60,500 dollars mentioned above, to drive in this period model.

Like any type of leasing, the car did not belong to the buyer at the end of the contract, but he has the opportunity to buy and which is the first offer is made. In other words, 138,400 dollars for another client who led a McLaren 570S Coupe standard may become the owner of the vehicle. In relation to the price list, all these rates lead to a higher final cost, but the client gets some worry, even if McLaren models do not suffer from depreciation as bad as normal cars.

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