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Mazda6 – 2 million models off the production line

Mazda Motor Corporation has announced that production of the Mazda6 arrived in late August to 2 million units. Mazda6 saw this in eight years and six months to exit the market’s first generation in February 2002 at Hofu plant number two in Yamaguchi Prefecture. This achievement marks the second shortest time (after Mazda3), launched in 2002 in the range of models that comply Mazda Zoom-Zoom philosophy, a model number to reach two million.

First generation Mazda6 Production began in 2002 and was the main model Mazda new generation product, meant to personify the Zoom-Zoom brand message. Mazda6 is a car class that combines style with exceptional performance driving spot, the first generation Mazda6 received many positive feedback from customers. In addition, he won over 130 international awards including the prestigious 2003 Car of the Year title in Japan.

Mazda6 has been completely redesigned in 2007, thus aligning the concept of “Zoom-Zoom Evolution”, built on strengths and developing the first generation, such as environmental and safety performance were significantly improved. In February 2009 the new European model Mazda6 have been awarded five stars by Euro NCAP gave the maximum rating.

Mazda6 is currently produced at Hofu No. 2 in Japan, the AutoAlliance International plant in Michigan and in Changchun, Jilin Province, China. Mazda6 global production period January-August 2010 stood at 164,000 units, up 50% over the same period last year.

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