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Mazda 6 – Official Review 2013

In mid 1543, a Portuguese named Francisco Zeimoto Caravan managed to land it on a new realm, still unexplored by Europeans. It was a pure accident. Zeimoto later have to find it first European stepped on Japanese soil.

And still later, the Portuguese learned that changed my life inhabitants of Tanegashima, where he landed with a simple pistol. Locals were so fascinated by firearms, that they decided to create their own defense tools. It was not long and weapons from Tanegashima became famous worldwide.

Something like this happened and cars. The Japanese saw Europeans use mobile ingenious solution, which adopted it immediately. It is true that at first their attempts were copied more timid and European models. Gradually, however, they have been improved and, like weapons in Tanegashima, became famous around the world.

mazda 6 test drive official 2013

mazda 6 test drive official

Today, nearly five centuries after his landing Zeimoto, rewrite history in reverse. The Japanese landed in Portugal, near Lisbon, with a new weapon that promises to ignite competition in segmentu

Mazda 6  Engine / Transmission

We met with the Japanese model, after many hours of flight to the West in the basement of Lisbon airport. Until I started to get acquainted, already enjoy the sun Iberian coast with SKYACTIV technology. Gradually, we became friends with the 2.2-liter diesel engine and 175 horsepower, the most powerful diesel version offered by Mazda6.

I was a little confused at first. It was so quiet inside, so I thought the guys at Mazda gave us keys to a petrol versions. Some roundabouts later, I learned that sedan is really a diesel. Extremely quiet. Silent and forced over. Resources are generous and torque, impressive 420 Nm those of his can be delivered on a unusually large speed range. In other words, over 3000 revolutions of vitality and energy, shortness of breath completely absent.

Not to mention very good throttle response that startles any pedal.

On highways I left behind Lisbon and we enjoyed the linearity new 6-speed automatic gearbox SKYACTIV Drive, much lighter and more compact than its predecessor. It is well calibrated, effectively distribute power and enhances the feeling of comfort.

The answer is decent and very prompt in the Auto mode when using paddles behind the steering wheel. They are plastic but disappointing in quality and tactile.

Mazda 6 Consumption

I took the path of Setubal, which many of you know thanks to the football team. I tried to figure out the average sedan consumption, using it as any European would do.

We stopped at a consumption of 8.5 litres/100 km in highway. True, I pulled a little four-cylinder engine.

In the book, however technique, impresses us with consumer Mazda unbeatable. With just 4.8 liters of diesel in mixed swallow, Mazda6 beat comparable versions and even less powerful, the famous models like Opel Insignia, Volkswagen Passat, Ford Mondeo and Citroen C5.

Help much in this start-stop system and brake energy recovery (I Eloop). It can keep running all the electrical systems of the car while a minute.

Clumps of dwarf trees and herbaceous vegetation setting up the Portuguese built on sandy soil and yellow. Decor that I noticed quite late and run for the Mazda6 not left us to weaken any second.

And since we’re talking about seconds performances recorded on paper are reflected in the recipe that actually tasted.

Sprint from 0-100 km / h in 8.4 seconds, faster than in the case of Mondeo, C5 and Insignia. Even faster than the standard segment, Passat, which is higher but in terms of speed.

Mazda 6 Inside

In the past, Mazda was criticized for setting austere, dominated by hard plastic and completely uninspired. Today, criticism is slower, but still. Inside the new Mazda6 is an evolution. Maybe some would have wanted revolution, but for now, just that I get.

Talk about a redesigned dashboard and taken from the CX-5 crossover. Dominates in its midst a touch screen, 5.8 inch, not so large as might be expected some pretty skimpy and color and fine detail. Fortunately, ergonomics is simple and requires no acomdoare.

At least in this area, because the wheel if better equipped versions, you need a map to figure out all the buttons. It’s like when you buy a new car washing and instructions you need to get software for shirts.

Move from ergonomics to how information is legible. The instrument cluster will not have problems. Are classic. Maybe too classic for those who wanted a little color. But also a digital display appears quite modest.

Materials have increased considerably in terms of quality. The plastic on the dashboard is soft and sticky rubber. In the lower area is also of good quality. Chrome inlay are complemented by the glossy plastic in wood color. Along with finishing perfectionist, these details enhancing the impression of quality.

About interior space to write more. Rear-seat three passengers can sit quite comfortably, although the space is not the greatest I’ve seen in a model of segment D.

I was impressed, however, numerous storage areas. Especially at the base of the dashboard, sticky, perfect for any mobile phone of any size. Even the “blades” large screen fit without problems.

Japanese offers a decent trunk, but not up to the level of competition in the segment. What I appreciated: mouth opening lid.
Mazda 6 Purchase price

The new Mazda6 starts at 21,690 euros with VAT , affordable, valid for version equipped with 2.0 liter petrol engine and 145 horsepower.

But first get diesel to cost 23,690 euros, with a few hundred dollars cheaper than a Passat 2.0 TDI 140 horsepower. The top who accompanied us along the 200 kilometers Portuguese, equipped with 2.2 liter diesel 175 hp and SKYACTIV-Drive automatic gearbox, had a price of 33,190 euros. Fortunately, the fact that you have a Euro 6 diesel spares you from other taxes.

Even so, the price is pretty steep, but completely justified if we look in the segment. A Citroen C5 gets comparable to cost 32,326 euros and 31,661 euros a Passat. A similar engine Mondeo with top equipment and remove it from the pocket 29.4450 euros, while Insignia stops at 31,490 euros.

Mazda 6 Safety

EuroNCAP did not get to test the new Mazda6, but will probably do so on March 5, 2013, when scheduled publication of new results.

The Japanese rely on a maximum number of stars, obtained with improved body structure and multiple safety systems. Customer will receive standard 6 airbags, control systems as ABD, EBD, ESS, DSC and TCS, and a monitoring tire pressure.

The upper equipping things get even more interesting, as Mazda propose an urban collision avoidance at low speeds (SCBS), anti-dazzle interior mirror, adaptive headlight system, rear vehicle monitoring (RVM), overtaking lane assistance, automatic beam control and adaptive cruise control. All these technologies are brought together under the title I ActiveSense.

Mazda 6 Poise

We have all heard about Japanese katana swords, known for steel extremely hard. Are popular as Asian weapons, the so appreciated the ride was the Mazda over the years.

Was therefore a need for continuing tradition. Japanese engineers have not denied and managed to knit one stiff chassis worthy of any tread. Unlike the older generation, the model seems to better absorb bumps. Even so, there are no compromises on journeys turn. Mazda6 Sport proves that a route can address the applicant without grit their teeth or if his tire.

Precision of the cut old Japanese swords was implemented and direction, which cuts up perfectly and without hesitation ideal trajectory.

Mazda 6 Visibility

In the official press conference, Mazda told us that we have to face the D-segment model with the airy cabin. Japanese assures to the glass surface was tailored so as to provide the best visibility in its class.

I’m already convinced this ever since Vasco da Gama bridge crossed agape and eyes bulging from long asphalt strip of 17 km.

Returning to the steering wheel, telescope must say that is one of the most generous I’ve seen so far in segment D. Side mirrors fail and they are great, without compromising design. Complete mirror list of items that will help the driver see better.

Mazda 6 Technology

As I said, the Mazda6’s interior is an evolution, not a revolution. However, you can not complain too much in terms of technology model. Especially since the basic equipment is quite generous and includes, inter alia, stereo, all power windows, heated mirrors, air conditioning and 17-inch alloy wheels.

Those who decide to spend more money on a higher trim level may receive a Bose audio system with 11 speakers and digital amplifier, particularly those with inclinations true music lovers. In addition, it can read information stored on virtually any media type. Internal hard drive multimedia system with 4GB memory also contributes to the songs that you want to always keep in the car.

I admit that I liked and cooling legible, which easily accommodate you.

New Mazda6 provides guidance navigation quite useful, although there are situations where the positioning signal behind. In addition, somewhat disappointing display that seems rudimentary and shown to be clearly outweighed by offering other competitors.

If reverse maneuvers are not your strong point, a camera will do the trick. Especially since it has a better picture clarity.

Mazda 6 Design

Kodo is best seen after rain. Is the conclusion I came to Portugal, where he poured the bucket for almost 100 kilometers. When I got off the lines Japanese design philosophy came to life as thousands of drops of water. And also when I asked

How to compare a model so fluid and harmonious with one square, impersonal and cold, of German origin? We all know what we mean. It’s like the Japanese would win by default. Such a comparison would be unfair even aligned with the light.

I hope you will agree with me when I say that the Mazda 6 would win any beauty contest held in medium sedan segment. It is a proposal that will charm many. Especially when you see the “flesh”.

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