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The launch of the new Volkswagen Phaeton 2 postponed again by the Germans

The launch of the Volkswagen Phaeton‘s replacement, the flagship vehicle of the car manufacturer from Wolfsburg, has been delayed again, citing sources within the brand.

the new Volkswagen Phaeton

Volkswagen decided to postpone the launch of the next Phaeton to finding solutions to increase the profit margin of this model leads people to Automotive News. The flagship brand of Wolfsburg losses for each copy sold, but the new generation of the Phaeton will not repeat the experience. The sources of the German Automotive News in the company announces a strategic decision in this direction regarding the postponement of Phaeton, despite the fact that the new generation is already ready for production. Future Phaeton will cost about three times more than a Passat and almost double the Touareg, Volkswagen became the most expensive model in the market, which involves special challenges for the marketing department.

Phaeton is former head of the project board of Volkswagen, Ferdinand Piech, who wanted the sale of special machines under the name brand of Wolfsburg. Therefore, Volkswagen range is assembler manual anomaly in a factory in Dresden (Germany) workers dressed in white uniforms. Veneers wood used in the interior of the Phaeton is selected manually and the car was designed from the start to be able to run with 300 km / h without the comfort level of the occupants to be affected. The current generation of Phaeton was launched in 2002 and was changed subtly over the years, but this has not helped to improve sales model.

Volkswagen Phaeton sold just 4,000 units in 2014, 30% fewer than in 2013 and insignificant to the outcome of Mercedes-Benz S-Class, which reached 100,000 units. For this reason, the Germans are thinking whether to continue his legacy Phaeton or whether to abandon the project. Since the timing, some voices have criticized the existence of Phaeton and these views persist, such as that of Tim Urquhard, market analyst at IHS Automotive Phaeton has an element that answers a question that has not put -a anyone. Who wants a limousine from Volkswagen? .

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