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Interbrand: Toyota, BMW and Mercedes are the most valuable car brands in the world in 2015

Annual rankings conducted by Interbrand indicates the evolution of the market value of major companies around the globe, regardless of the activity. 15 auto companies are in the top 100.

2015 Interbrand top 100

Toyota, BMW and MercedesBenz are the most valuable brands in the automotive world in 2015. The information was officially confirmed by the famous Interbrand Top 100, an annual study analyzing the rise and fall of all companies values worldwide.

Auto industry record: sixth place in the general category

Same as last year, Toyota remains the most valuable automotive brand in the world, occupying the 6 position overall. The Japanese manufacturer up two positions compared to 2014 and reached the highest level ever occupied by a car manufacturer in Interbrand ranking. The estimated value of Toyota’s is 49.05 billion dollars, up 16% from last year. Note also that in 2011 Toyota ranks 11th overall, and then the highest ranked brand in this ranking.

In second place in the manufacturers’ standings BMW is auto, Bavarian brand managed to increase by 9% compared to last year. Estimated value of the brand BMW is 37.2 billion dollars, the amount that the German manufacturer positioned in 11th place overall.

Third place on the podium chapter automotive market value is occupied by Mercedes-Benz, which comes immediately after the general standings BMW in 12th position. Interbrand According to analysts, the market value of the Mercedes-Benz is 36.7 billion dollars.

Top auto gathers a total of 15 international brands, the most interesting being the appearance of the MINI brand, new entry in the Top 100, which ranks 98th. It is also interesting to note that although all automotive brands in the Top 100 grew in value from last year until now, the recent scandal affected Dieselgate Volkswagen, only carmaker in the fall (-9%, the 35th General). Audi managed to pass easily over the shock of the group, increasing by 5% (44th place in General).

Apple dominates the Interbrand top

In the overall standings all industries, the ranking is dominated by companies operating in the technology. Apple clearly dominates the top Interbrands, with an estimated 170.3 billion dollars (+ 43%), being assisted by US giant Google ranked second with a value of 120.3 billion dollars. In third place ranks Coca-Cola, worth 78.4 billion dollars.

TOP 100 Interbrand
Pos. Brand Market value
(billion USD)
+/- compared to 2014
1 Apple 170.3 +43%
2 Google 120.3 +12%
3 Coca-Cola 78.4 -4%
4 Microsoft 67.7 +11%
5 IBM 65.1 -10%
6 Toyota 49.05 +16%
7 Samsung 45.3 0%
8 General Electric 42.3 -7%
9 McDonald’s 39.8 -6%
10 Amazon 37.9 +29%
11 BMW 37.2 +9%
12 Mercedes-Benz 36.7 +7%
19 Honda 23 +6%
35 Volkswagen 12.5 -9%
38 Ford 11.6 +6%
39 Hyundai 11.3 +8%
44 Audi 10.3 +5%
49 Nissan 9.1 +19%
56 Porsche 8.06 +12%
74 Kia 5.7 +5%
79 Harley-Davidson 5.5 +14%
85 Chevrolet 5.13 +2%
87 Land Rover 5.10 +14%
98 Mini 4.2 New

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