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Honda FCV: the first information and details of the Toyota Mirai rival

Honda announced that its new hydrogen-powered model named Honda FCV, will be revealed at the end of October at the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show. The series will have a range of 700 kilometers.

Honda FCV

|The largest European Motor Show at the end of 2015 in Frankfurt, has closed its doors, but all the major players in the auto-market are preparing for another important event, world-class: the Auto Show in Tokyo, scheduled to open its doors on 30 October.

Honda will take advantage of home court to reveal the production version of the new model powered and hydrogen. It’s called FCV and aims to duel with Toyota already launched Mirai.

The series version adopts a lightweight design maverick who wants to be very effective aerodynamically. The front is dominated by angular taillights with integrated LED lights, a sports grille and daytime running lights form a boomerang. Profile receiving passages wheel ventilated. Furthermore, the rear wheel lugs hiding part of a solution that reminds us of the old Citroen models, but promises more efficiency and aerodynamics.

Inside he wants to be a revolution, Honda managed to offer its customers a premium air suggested by white leather upholstery, inlays of wood and some metal details. The driver of a sport steering wheel with three spokes and a large touch display, which gives a high-tech note the entire cabin. A cabin that can accommodate up to five adults.

Honda did not want to give too many details about the drivetrain, preferring to keep some secrets and for the launch of Tokyo. However, the Japanese said the car will be electric motors able to offer a sportier driving experience.

Package and hydrogen will provide a range of approximately 700 kilometers. It is an ambitious amount, well above the guaranteed Mirai 483 kilometers.

Honda FCV via Honda

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