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GM promises that the new 2016 Chevrolet Volt will offer autonomous driving

General Motors announced that it would begin a program dedicated to autonomous driving. The guinea pig will be the new generation Chevrolet Volt. It would have the option of an autonomous drive until the end of 2016.

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Given that all major manufacturers already preparing for independent mobility solutions, General Motors could not sit idly by. At a conference dedicated to investors, GM announced it will begin testing its autonomous car program.

The guinea pig will be none other than Chevrolet Volt electric model of the Americans, ready to be able to drive alone until the end of 2016. Of course, the new Volt alone will not drive the streets of the United States, as the legislation does not yet allow such experiments.

It will be created and tested the GM technical campus of Michigan, where employees will be able to reserve a Volt autonomous through an application and then choose a destination. Moreover, the Volt will be able to choose only one parking.

Americans are convinced that the project will serve as a basis for developing and accelerating autonomous technologies. It is also considered an interim step towards permanent autonomous running.

It will be named Super Cruise“. He would be installed on CT6 Cadillac future, being able to provide semi-autonomous driving in heavy city traffic and on the highway. Audi already offers this service under the name Traffic Jam Assist. The technology involves tracking demarcation lines, braking and acceleration speed under certain conditions.

“Convergence of technologies is developing extremely quickly with the changing consumer preferences creates an important change for the transport industry. Some might find this change daunting, but we see it as an opportunity that occurs once in several decades. We believe that our expertise in connectivity is key to redefining mobility vehicles,” said Mary Barra, GM president.

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