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Ford Mustang Apollo Edition, a dedicated copy for the lunar missions, was sold for $230K

Ford announces the sale of a Mustang GT – Ford Mustang Apollo Edition – custom made in honor of celebrating the 46th anniversary of the first moon landing, with the price of $230,000 USD. The amount will be donated to a charity.

Ford Mustang GT Apollo Edition

Ford Mustang GT Apollo Edition, a specially customized copy to celebrate 46 years since the first moon landing, was sold at auction for 230,000 dollars. The amount will be donated to an organization dedicated to training young people who want to become an airline pilot. Apollo Edition Mustang is the eighth in the series of Ford provided free of charge by the charity for sale at auction. In the eight years of the Experimental Aircraft Association collaboration with Ford them their donated cars were sold in tenders for large sums, amounting to three million dollars.

The specimen specially customized for this auction is painted white and has a color scheme that evokes the Saturn rocket used to propel NASA’s Apollo missions. Besides black hood, unique model presents the US flag, inscriptions Saturn rockets and small fireworks aesthetic. We are talking about a set of lip gloss alloy wheels and arms painted black, a carbon fiber front splitter, side mirror caps painted red, a new rear spoiler, a set of side skirts and a diffuser integrated into the bar rear protection. To mark the only copy of this special edition Ford have equipped the V8 engine of 5.0 liter Mustang GT with a supercharger and a Ford Performance sports exhaust system. The result hp and 731 Nm announces 627 other specifications of this model is not specified.

The interior of the Ford Mustang GT Apollo Edition is leather and has contrasting white trim and red. The steering wheel has a control center which is painted in red, and faces the door and seat upholstery shows the combination of white and red used on the outside, this time being present on a black background made of the same leather. Conch front seats are embroidered with the logo Project Apollo and the rear seats have been removed. The space that could be learned rear seat backrest has a special embroidery of all logos used by the Apollo missions. Textile mats of this machine are also personalized engraved with the acronym “USA”.

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