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Fiat 500X 2.0 Mjet 140CP AT AWD Test Drive

Since the earliest age groups seek to associate. We seek acceptance from kindergarten, continue with the family, school and get on with the job.

After assimilation always seek affirmation. Affirming the group we were assimilated.

That this is the route that Fiat seeks to follow the new 500X. Crossover Italians aims to integrate into the group of small SUVs, where currently working as Nissan Juke name weight, Peugeot Renault Captur 2008.

Acceptance will be relatively simple, given that we are talking about a proposal of aesthetically appealing, but must convince 500X. The proclamation must be carefully analyzed and related to what happens in the segment.

Engine / Transmission

I could not meet 500X in a better place than Torino, pulsating heart of the city where the Italian brand. In the morning the rain soaked overnight brought us face to face with the 2.0 liter diesel version of the crossover Italian. The most powerful diesel range option for those who want a visa to 500X ready to go crazy on wilderness.

The four-cylinder, with an impressive career behind, perhaps some would say too long, delivers 140 horsepower at 4,000 rpm and a torque of 350 Nm. The latter is felt since the 1750 revolution, which prints a pleasant lively spirit.

Beach couple is not impressive, but someone cares so you can always located where it should be. And that someone is new speed automatic transmission, a second premiere in the small SUV segment, after the brother of concern, Jeep Renegade.

The gearbox is new and alternate linear nine reports. In addition, it is quite intuitive, being able to downgrade quickly two or three steps if your looking for something more foot from the accelerator resources. Change using paddles located behind the steering wheel rushing things and gives a sense of sportsmanship.

All attempts to mimic and diesel sportsmanship when is heard in the cockpit, but the result is the same. In terms of quietness might be preferred newest engine of 1.6 liters and 120 horses.


Diesel should confer an advantage for the driver: fewer trips to the filling stations. The engine of 2.0 liters promises to consume only 6.5 liters and 4.9 liters in the city outside.

With an average of 5.5 liters per 100 kilometers, Fiat 500X is not exactly the most economical option in the segment. Opel Mokka can only be compared directly, since it comes with a 1.7 liter engine and 130 horsepower. This guarantee but an average of only 4.9 liters / 100 kilometers. Compared with Jeep Renegade brother platform, 500X’s consumption is 0.2 liters less.

Unfortunately, other rivals do not enjoy so powerful diesel engines to be considered in this equation consuption.


The 140 horsepower and their effective cooperation with automatic transmission shows its benefits when it comes to performance. With just 9.8 seconds from 0 to 100 km / h, is 500X faster than a Renegade or an Opel Mokka.

The maximum speed is, however, somewhat lower than in the case of a Mokka and stops at 190 km / h.


How was normal, ludic tradition was transmitted in the interior of 500X. Was sent from the current 500, of course. Although I must admit that big brother is a more mature, with a slightly conservative insiders say the lines, where the instruments have now become something more serious and much easier to read.

We hand and a trip computer with color display, which digitizes the atmosphere along with multimedia screen in the center of the dashboard. Buttons and large wheels used climate and door handles borrowed from Renegade outlines a playful interior. Where you put that part of the dashboard can be ordered in the same color as the body.

In terms of comfort should be noted that wind rolling noise is very low, given that we are talking about the best aerodynamics in the segment, as the Italians say.

The seats are quite comfortable, but most importantly, I got rid of the sunken seat backrest, just like the 500’s lateral support is not great, but the design emphasizes kinship with 500 round headrest.

The interior is quite generous. The rear seats can travel three people with decent space for the feet. Surely we are talking about more space than in the case of Nissan Juke. Unfortunately, for an adult of over 1.80 meters, the ceiling is not high enough and reaches its head.

The boot has a capacity of 350 liters, which makes 500X model that respects the tip segment.

Purchase price

Fiat currently no published market prices of new 500X in Romania. It will take some time, since the only commercial debut is expected in March next year. According to preliminary estimates, it will certainly be cheaper than his brother claims off-road Jeep Reneade, whose starting price is 22,200 euros.

Italian officials said that Fiat 500X will cost more than conventional rivals, namely Nissan Juke and Peugeot 2008, but will not reach the level of Renegade. Since the Juke starts at 15,500 euros aprozimativ, we anticipate that the 500X will certainly jump of 16,000 euros, which can mean pretty much a market as Romania.

A small SUV should ensure safety and essential. Since it is based on the platform of 500L, labeled with five-star EuroNCAP, we can expect the same behavior admirably and in the case of 500X.

Especially the model comes with a host of safety technologies essential in the modern world: lane departure warning by adjusting the direction and sound awful when you take your hand off the wheel for more than 7 seconds would have sensors to monitor tire pressure; Electronic Rollover Mitigation ie the system that prevents roll; adaptive cruise control and surveillance blind spot.


To my surprise, it turned out a car Fiat 500X tempered than I thought. Although I was tempted to categorize as extremely relaxed, based on my past experiences and intention to enhance comfort, Fiat 500X contradicted me.

It is a crossover rather rigid suspension, but balanced. It’s something stiffer than I expected and even tackles corners with aplomb. It is true that we are talking about wheel-drive version, which has a better fit cornering and improved grip even in wet conditions. We are currently dealing with a roll jerking the steering wheel and a direction losing precision.

In rough terrain, 500X has dehajare angles and bold. It’s far from Renegade’s performance, but that does not mean it can not address easy to medium difficulty trails.

I tried climbing a steep gradients of 37% in low grip conditions, and not betrayed wheel drive. The descent things were as simple. It’s true that I needed to get traction in full auto mode in the dedicated off-road with selector positioned on the center console.

Italians put first emotional design, which enshrined the small 500 and overshadowed certain aspects of utility. Glazing is the case, not very well proportioned.

We say this because the telescope is quite narrow, the last row of pillars is high and the pillar of the driver’s right eye shutter may be in trouble. Fortunately, 500X comes with a generous set of side mirrors.


From the technological point of view, Fiat has done their homework. I said above that the new 500X comes with lots of safety features. They are adding a reversing camera, an automatic demisting the windscreen (attention, without being controlled by the driver), keyless entry, heated seats two steps, Hill Start Assist and electronic parking brake.

But I’ll stop the multimedia system, which now comes with a 6.5 inch screen and 5. I I tried the greatest. The display is not among the happiest, somewhat outdated graphics. Indications are, however, useful and respects reality. Using whole system is meant to be simplified but slightly slow reaction times, as if everything is processed harder there, behind the screen. Perhaps we are accustomed rapidity smart phones.

But I appreciated the multitude of connections and support for various media, such as MP3, SD cards and USB drives. They are located at the base of the dashboard, above a generous storage space for any mobile phone.


You will agree with me that the Italians have learned a recipe and do not want to let go. 500X is why 500 looks so good.

Advertise who claims 500X was born after a Viagra pill hit an ordinary tank 500 is quite suggestive. Crossover is a 500 on steroids, with a high ground clearance, wheel passages generous, more aggressive headlamps and body protectors.

It is a typical recipe off-road vehicle easily able to develop in the future owner soul ambition to go out in rough terrain.

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