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Duster Oroch: The first Duster pick-up

It’s official: the long-awaited pick-up version of the Duster SUV is named Duster Oroch. The new Duster Oroch will make its market debut in South America under the Renault name, but there is a real chance that the new pick-up version will be also available in Europe under the Dacia logo.


Renault uses the South American market to pick-up this official version of Duster. The missing link” Duster range, a variation requested by fans of the brand Dacia and those who wanted a version of the SUV dump built in Europe exclusively at Mioveni, the new pick-up was baptized and integrated into Duster Oroch a virgin segment of this type of models: between pick-ups full-size (Navara, Amarok, L200, Hilux) and small models very popular in South America, but in Europe are somewhat less popular.

Duster Oroch has no equivalent on the market. It is positioned between the current pick-up segments and inaugurates a new class. It’s a revolutionary vision,” notes Renault in the press release accompanying the first pictures of the model.

Launched in South America, the new Duster Oroch is not currently available only in version with logo Renault (Dacia models are presented exclusively in Latin America under the banner of the French trade), but probably the group plans cover a controlled launch in other markets hence those in Europe. Obviously probable introduction of this model on the Old Continent will change the grid model that will transform” into a Dacia model.

Duster Oroch benefits from double cabin and offers five seats and a trailer competitive, despite its compact dimensions. Bena can carry 500 kilograms and its length is 1.3 meters.

Built on the facelift version of Duster, the new pick-up provides access to advanced variant Media Nav multimedia system. Duster Oroch will be available in South America in two engine versions 1.6 and 2.0 gasoline.

Duster Oroch is introduced at the Auto Show in Buenos Aires, Argentina, along with other big novelty in the range entry Renault Sandero RS. Commercial Debut South American markets will take place in autumn 2015 Automarket will give you more information about the new pick-up Duster Oroch as soon as they are officially available.

What does Oroch means?

Oroch name appeared in the automotive world with Oroch Duster concept presentation, which took place last year at the same auto show in Buenos Aires. Back then only a prototype out to the press to test public reaction, Duster Oroch was converted into serial version keeping the same recipe that made one of the most sold Duster SUV Renault Nissan Group, with one million units sold in the course of 2014.

Oroch is the name of a small ethnic group in Russia which in 2002 was comprised of just under 700 people. Located in Siberia, Oroch has its own language, also called Oroch, but only 8 people longer spoke fluent Oroch in 2010.

Duster Oroch via Renault

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