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SBD and Nielsen Auto SURVEY: car manufacturers “stifle” their customers with unnecessary technologies

A recent study showed that car manufacturers provide a lot of technologies and systems, of which the customers are unaware of or do not even use them.


More and more auto manufacturers are of the opinion that by the end of this decade the technology inside cars will be just as important as the resources hidden under the hood. Nothing really, but customers who want more technology forgets or does not know how to use it.

A recent study published by the car  consulting company SBD and the Nielsen survey showed that manufacturers place on the new machine technologies that customers do not know to use them or about whose existence they learned.

The study gathered 14,000 buyers of new cars and was conducted in April-May 2015. Approximately 43% of those surveyed said that manufacturers install too many systems and infotainment functions they provide are not necessarily useful.

On the list of 42 schemes mentioned by the interviewees, the lowest-ranked features were the voice dialing, the connection of the mobile phone, multimedia applications and instrument panel system that can be customized.

Among the infotainment techs that the new car users ignore the most were:

Internal Hard disk multimedia systems: this is because most of the audience remembers their favorite tunes on your mobile phone, USB or MP3 Player.
CD player: more and more builders are wondering whether to install them on new cars.
Concierge-type services: This service was very useful when users had to pay for it. If BMW Assist and Hyundai BlueLink only worked during free.
Voice recognition: customers prefer to use buttons or the touch feature to avoid headaches that offers voice recognition system, often misled by a mispronunciation or too fast order.


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