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Alfa Romeo Veloce will be the name chosen for the existing performance models

The Italians from Alfa Romeo are preparing a change in range for the Quadrifoglio Verde versions of their models. The performance models will receive the Veloce name, while Quadrifoglio Verde will be reserved for more advanced versions.


Alfa Romeo is preparing for a change of name variants performance models in the range, the Auto visi Dutch headlines. According to sources cited by the Dutch the Italian brand Alfa Romeo is planning to replace the current name Quadrifoglio Verde versions with Veloce”. Name Quadrifoglio Verde will continue to be used by Italian models, but will remain reserved variant outperform those who will be called Veloce. In other words, the Italians will release new versions of the models on offer Quadrifoglio Verde and the current versions will be renamed Veloce.

All information obtained by the Dutch suggest that the change of name does not shift mechanics for the two models in its portfolio Quadrifoglio Verde. This means that Alfa Romeo Giulietta Veloce will all be equipped with a 240 HP 1750 TBi engine. Giulietta and MiTo possibility exists remain without iconic four-leaf clover specific Quadrifoglio Verde versions.

Veloce name is not new for Alfa Romeo, and the word means “speed” in Italian. In the past, it was used to designate sports models in the manufacturer’s offer in Milan. The first model Alfa Romeo Giulia was Veloce Sprint GT, GTV 1750 and 2000 followed by GTV. First appeared on a Quadrifoglio Verde Alfa Romeo in the 20s, when the pilot Ugo Sivocci has painted a four-leaf clover on his seater to good luck.

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