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The next generation 2016 Mercedes-Benz E-Class will receive autonomous highway driving

MercedesBenz E-Class will have in the list of optional features autonomous driving. The new generation E-Class is scheduled to debut in 2016.


2016 MercedesBenz E-Class will get a list of options to allow management of autonomous technology on the highway. The introduction takes place in 2016, when it will debut the new generation of the E segment premium market. The technology debuted on the current generation of the S-Class and will be gradually introduced on other models of Mercedes-Benz offer. As in the case of S-Class, the system must feel” driver’s hands on the wheel, even if they have only just touch the surface of the wheel for direction to be operated automatically. Although the car is able to rule itself on the highway, the legal rules obliges the MercedesBenz to use a variant of the system to constantly be careful driver on the road and hands on the wheel.

Germans from MercedesBenz took the decision to introduce this technology to offer E-Class to ensure competitive with BMW and Audi rivals, which currently outperforms sales. Competitors brand from Stuttgart are not far from Mercedes-Benz in terms of self-government, both Audi and BMW presenting systems able to drive without driver intervention over any distance.
The new system of autonomous driving Mercedes-Benz E-Class promises to be smarter than the S-Class and can operate at speeds up to 130 km / h. Although it is technically capable of tight cornering, the system will not perform these maneuvers, while asking the driver to take command of the wheel before it have to be maneuvered. According to Mercedes-Benz, over 90% of his S-Class customers in Germany chose endowment of 2,250 euro enables this capability. Like the S-Class, E-Class the future will be able to automatically detect obstacles hinder, prevent changing lanes when a vehicle is in the blind spot and follow the motorcade at speeds up to 60 km / h.

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