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After the LED and Laser lights, Audi raises the stakes with OLED taillights

3D lights inside taillights and a lot of opportunities to “play for designers – these are the main advantages of the new technology announced by Audi: auto OLED lights.


Having introduced the concept of automotive LED lights, which first appeared on a production car with the launch of the previous generation A4 and after further developed the idea Matrix laser lights and their placement, Audi continued technological experiments related to light through presentation of a new prototype of this type.

Lights OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) is the next step in terms of visual possibilities offered by headlights of cars and will be presented on a concept that the Bavarian brand will be presenting this fall at the Frankfurt Motor Show, probably Q6 SUV prototype future.

The technical details behind the new OLED lights are quite complex and deserves more attention, possibly on a site dedicated to technology. But you must remember from the presentation of the Audi is that the new OLED lights will give designers the ability to create 3D LED rear lights while the sheets of very thin glass or plastic that generates light of different colors can be interleaved aligned or superimposed to create interesting plays of light.

Although we do not yet official photos of the prototype that will demonstrate the capabilities of current technology offered by Audi, an imageteaser introduces us to the new concept. For more and more detail will have to wait for the official presentation of the prototype, which will be held in mid-September.

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